With our second May bank holiday coming up, it’s a great time to give your garden a tidy up, ready for some outdoor socialising with friends and family.

Self-watering planter manufacturer, LECHUZA, are encouraging budding gardeners to flex their green fingers and get their outdoor spaces in order this weekend. The company has put together some key things to remember where garden upkeep is concerned.


Tidy plant pots – For those with smaller outdoor spaces, consider keeping your planting areas in sections. Also, try planters that will make the most of your space such as the LECHUZA BALCONISSIMA Color. Easily attaching onto balconies and railings, this luxury planter will both save space and add a touch of style to your garden. With self-watering technology, these modern planters will ensure your blooms receive the right amount of water needed for optimal growth, meaning you can rest easy.

May your flowers bloom – If you’ve not managed to get out in the garden much this spring, now is the time to plant some of this season’s most popular flowers. Sunflowers, Limnanthes, Linaria and Nigella are amongst the most favoured. Or, why not go the extra mile and start sowing seeds for beetroot, carrots, lettuce, leeks and turnips? Then, by the time summer rolls around, you’ll have a whole host of vegetables to enjoy.


Brighten up – Don’t let your plants go unnoticed. By choosing a LECHUZA BALCONERA Color for your garden, your blooms will certainly stand out. These stylish planters not only self-water like the rest of the LECHUZA range, but also attach easily onto balconies or walls. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, from pistachio to purple garnet, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Ian Riggs, Key Account Manager at LECHUZA, commented: “We want keen gardeners across the UK to enjoy spending some valuable time out in their gardens this bank holiday.  With a whole host of trendy and practical LECHUZA planters on offer, not only will your plants water themselves, but add a great touch to any outdoor and indoor space.”

For more information or to purchase a LECHUZA product visit www.lechuza.co.uk


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