Dogs Trust leads the pack

Launching a new consent platform to stay ahead of changing legislation

With trust in the name, Dogs Trust has always looked for innovative ways to improve their engagement with supporters. Now, Dogs Trust is attempting to stay further ahead of the changing market and legislative environment by implementing a new cloud-based consent platform with MyLife Digital and Wood for Trees.

The new platform will enable the charity to capture and manage all their supporter preferences, meet all known legislative requirements coming into force through GDPR in May 2018 and adapt to likely future Fundraising Regulator requirements, such as the Fundraising Preference Service, scheduled for Spring 2017.

As well as providing an effective, secure, and flexible tool to capture supporter preferences; the system will deliver more transparency to supporters on personal data the charity holds about them, understand why the data has been collected, know who has access to the data and control permissions for the usage of their data.

Dogs Trust are embracing the changes and see the regulation as an opportunity to build on the trusted relationship the charity already enjoys with its supporters and is looking forward to more innovative ways to fundraise from the new insights the data will bring.

Nick Daniel, Marketing Director at Dogs Trust says, “As a charity that receives no Government funding, supporters have always been at the heart of our fundraising strategy; without them we can’t deliver our work. With the impending changes to the regulatory environment, we needed to find a tool that would help us to maintain a relationship with the maximum number of supporters and that could adapt to future regulatory requirements. We can now provide our supporters with the ability to tailor their relationship with us and, importantly, how we may use their data going forwards with their clear consent. This new technology should give us the transparency required by the legislators and regulators and help us increase the trust of our supporters, strengthening our relationships.”

Provided by MyLife Digital and implemented by Wood for Trees, the cloud-based solution operates outside of Dogs Trust’s CRM system, while integrating seamlessly. Consentric Permissions will allow supporters direct access to their own data. Alternatively, agents can access it on behalf of the supporters. Consents are captured in a way that goes beyond compliance and places the supporters’ choice through their consented data at the centre of how Dogs Trust communicates and engages with them.

J Cromack, CEO of Wood for Trees, comments, “We have been working with Dogs Trust since 2007 analysing their supporter data to improve outcomes. Now, as part of the MyLife Digital Group we can support Dogs Trust to ensure they have the right level of consented data needed to deliver their fundraising strategy and other operations while maintaining the integrity and security of the data. We call it informed insight from informed consent.”

About Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for nearly 17,000 dogs each year through its network of 20 Rehoming Centres across the UK and one in Dublin.


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