Dofygate unveils new gate options at Lamma Show

Dofygate unveiled new gate options to their stand alone automated gate at Lamma Show. The remote controlled solar powered gate, entirely self-contained, controls vehicle access within or into a property. It opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds, operated from a vehicle using a fob, or with the automatic closing option fitted by using a phone or keypad. Timed opening and closing and automatic opening can be fitted with all other options. Dofygate can fit the gate or it can be can be self-installed. Just screw the self-contained gate unit to a post and it works straight away. The carbon fibre bars are strong and a built in clutch means accidental contact will not destroy the gate. A built in energiser option can provide a shock to the gate bars to contain all animals including dogs, sheep, cattle and even Llamas. Extra bars are fitted to the standard 2 bar setup for animal control or to change the aesthetics making the Dofygate more conventional in appearance.


This unique gate has the following NEW OPTIONS

Auto Open – the unit sits where a keypad might be will open the gate with no action required by the driver. Uses – Slow traffic down using the unit as traffic will need to stop momentarily at the gate. This can make internal roads safer

Safe crossing point – Has two modes of action a) normally closed and b) normally open. In Normally open mode the motor has been reversed so the gate normally allows traffic fee access but the pedestrian drops the gate to enable a safe crossing of a busy internal road where heavy equipment may be operating. The IR sensors keep the gate down while pedestrians are crossing by looking along the pedestrian crossing. In Normally closed mode the driver is in charge of pedestrian safety and must operate the gate using a button. This brings the vehicle to halt at the crossing point and makes the driver very aware that it is a pedestrian crossing point.

Traffic control Stop/Go signal – The unique action of the Dofygate has been used to provide a highly efficient, solar powered stop/go sign operated using a fob. Can be used to control single or two way traffic at a weighbridge for example.


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