Cub Cadet: A Mower For Every Lawn

Cub Cadet

Choosing the correct mower for your lawn can be a task riddled with pot holes. With so many factors to consider, it can feel as though there is too much choice. Cub Cadet has made it extremely easy to pick the right mower for your lawn, by creating three clearly distinguished product categories.

The product categories are divided into the Force Series, the Enduro Series™ and the Pro-Series.

The Force Series is the ‘entry level’ range, which consists of products for gardeners who are looking for power, performance and durability. With lawnmowers, ride-on tractors and mini-riders within the series, there is something for everyone who appreciates a powerful, yet affordable machine, with prices starting from around £300. The lawnmowers within this range are ideally suited for smaller and winding lawns, and have the option of either push, self-propelled or MySPEED models. These models can comfortably mow between 900 – 1,200m² in one hour.

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Mini-Riders in the Force Series are the perfect choice for larger lawns with narrow passages, whilst the lawn tractors are the largest of the three options and are able to mow up to 2,000m² in one hour.

The Enduro Series™ is designed for ambitious gardeners, who appreciate the very best in power and performance. These are the strongest products in their class, designed to cope with the greatest demands and work faster with better results. Products within this range cover all areas of lawncare and include lawnmowers, lawn tractors, zero-turn riders and a selection of chore performers. The lawn tractors and zero-turn models are able to tackle up to 12,500m² per hour.

Finally, the Pro-Series is a professional range for commercial use, providing the ultimate performance for commercial gardeners who place great value on performance, reliability and a professional finish, even after continuous use.  Due to the large areas these machines will have to cover, they have been designed to mow up to 18,000m² in one hour.

Phil Noble, field sales and technical manager for Cub Cadet UK, said: “Cub Cadet is at the forefront of garden machinery innovation and we pride ourselves on having a mower for every size and type of lawn. We are confident that our classification system makes it easy to pick the right one.”

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