Get on board with multiple gardening trends in 2018 with the exclusive Pure range from Elho. Suitable for indoor use, these stunning pots and planters are ideal for the latest 1970s-style houseplant craze. But Pure pots are highly versatile and just as eye catching outdoors. Perfect for protecting exotic plants such as cacti and bromeliads from winter frosts and then enjoying them outside during the summer months. 

The Pure Edge (pictured above) was specially designed for Elho by Dutch designer Sander Lorier. Made up of geometric facets, known as polygons, the Edge has a modern and slick look. The angular facets combine well with curvaceous plants such as aloe vera and other succulents. An asset to any living room, patio, roof terrace or garden.

Make a design statement with the rounded shape of the Pure Amphora (pictured right). Place the Amphora in a living room characterised by straight lines or a modern garden to create a striking contrast. Mid-sized plants such as palm or olive trees produce a stunning statement in this classic Elho design. Prefer a no-nonsense pot with sleek lines? The Pure Grade (pictured below) is at home in any residential style. It stands out in a modern interior but also fits perfectly in a house with a Scandinavian or traditional feel. 

All Pure pots and planters are lightweight. Convenient for finding the best indoor or outdoor location for your favourite plants. Move them around with the seasons or to suit your mood. 


Pure pots are UV resistant and retain their colour in full sunlight. They are easy to clean, unbreakable, frost resistant and adapted for temperatures down to -400C. The raised bottom means the entire pot doesn’t need to be filled with soil, making Pure pots easy to plant and reposition. 
Pure Edge, Pure Amphora and Pure Grade are all new Elho innovations for 2018. Handcrafted products with the utmost attention to quality and detail. 

Pure Edge 

Diameter Height Capacity RRP
40cm 38cm 18ltr £89.00
47cm 45cm 18ltr £139.00
Colours: white, anthracite 

Pure Amphora 

Dimensions Height Capacity RRP
47cm 61cm 25ltr £119.00
55cm 71cm 25ltr £175.00
Colours: white, anthracite 

Pure Grade 

Dimensions Height Capacity RRP
40cm-47cm 40cm-66cm 18ltr-27ltr £99.00-£175.00
Colours: white, anthracite 

Elho pots and planters are widely stocked at all good garden centres, retailers and online.




About Elho
Elho is a family-owned company and the leading innovator in the synthetic pottery market. For more than 53 years, Elho has dedicated itself to the product development and production of grow your own, outdoor, indoor and designer pots and planters. Every year Elho launches dozens of innovations that continuously inspire people with fun, functional and creative products.

Give room to nature
Nature makes you feel healthier, boosts your energy and makes you happier. That is what the purpose of Elho is about; inspiring people to bring more nature into their daily lives. With the Elho collection you can give room to nature in and around your home. At Elho we are green in everything we do. Most of our pottery collection is made of recycled material, all of our pots last for a long time and are produced with 100% wind energy. Our aim is to be circular by 2020. Enjoy nature with Elho in a sustainable way.




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