With autumn now upon us dreams of transforming your garden or outdoor space may seem to be over for another year. But autumn can be the perfect time for certain plants – and with durable planters available for use both inside and outside the home, there is still plenty of time to create that beautiful outdoor oasis. Ian Riggs Key Account Manager for LECHUZA – a manufacturer of planters that utilise self-watering technology to make caring for plants easier all year round shares his advice for growing autumnal plants and flowers.

“People love to fill their homes and gardens with plants all year round, but it can be harder to know which plants to focus on at this time of year. We believe that our self-watering technology can really make life easier, particularly our BALCONERA and CUBICO planters. Not only are our planters aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly functional, saving time and taking the guess work out of watering.”

To support the growth of these plants LECHUZA has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor planters. This includes the BALCONERA balcony box. Available in six different colours, this planter is not only attractive, but perfect for plants that thrive in the cooler weather.  The BALCONERA can be attached to either railings or walls, making it the perfect choice for smaller spaces.

To brighten up space inside the home, LECHUZA’S range of indoor planters provides both elegance and convenience. The CUBICO range is extremely easy to use and is a favourite amongst homeowners.

For more information or to purchase a LECHUZA product visit www.lechuza.co.uk

More about Lechuza

LECHUZA’S self-watering system ensures your plants are getting just the right amount of water and hydration needed for optimal growth. The handy water level indicator tells you exactly when you need to top up your plant and the supply shaft allows you to easily add water or fertiliser when required.

With regular watering to begin with, plants take root in 12 weeks or less. Once the roots are established, they start to take in the water when needed, saving both time and effort on maintenance.

As an outdoor planter, the BALCONERA comes equipped with a drain plug to allow excess rainwater to drain away when the heavens undoubtedly open.

The removable liner in LECHUZA plant pots makes plants easy to manage by allowing you to pot your chosen flowers with ease before placing into the planter.


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