Bosch Home and Garden – summer products designed to make gardening easier

No matter the current condition or the size of your garden, or whether or not you’re a keen gardener, summer will soon be here followed by endless opportunities for alfresco dining and garden parties. Make the neighbours envious of your outdoor space with a little help and inspiration from Bosch Home and Garden.

With an emphasis on effortless gardening and making lighter work of home and gardening tasks and therefore allowing more time to spend with the family doing the things we love; Bosch Home and Garden has put together a list of the essential gardening tools for summer 2018.

EasyPrune RRP £84.99 – the first power-assisted secateurs from Bosch

British Flowers Week

Make lighter work of gardening with a pair of these power-assisted secateurs. Where conventional secateurs reach their limits, the EasyPrune’s power-assist technology is just getting started: It cuts through branches with a diameter of up to 25 millimetres, effortlessly making light work of cutting all types of branches, thick or thin.

Unlike conventional secateurs, which can get jammed if the branch is too thick, the EasyPrune delivers a far superior and therefore satisfying performance. Because of the power-assist functionality, it removes the need to stop, remove the branch from the tool and reposition it where you want to continue the cut.

To ensure that the cutting operation is controlled at all times, the power-assist function only kicks in when the handles are actively squeezed together as they would be with conventional secateurs and when the tool senses resistance. A choice of three different settings also lets you adjust the power assistance to your specific needs.

Isio Cordless shrub and grass shear set RRP £69.99

Ideal for everyday gardening tasks such as tidying up and trimming edges to creative shaping of topiary, evergreens, and small leafed plants, the Bosch Isio cordless shrub and grass shear set is ideal for the green-fingered.

Pair this innovative, lightweight and powerful gardening tool with the matching telescopic handle (RRP £31.00) for hard to reach places or the Isio sprayer (RRP £21.00) to help apply water and pesticides to the garden.

EasyCut12 RRP £139.99

An RHS Product of the year finalist at Chelsea Flower Show last year, the EasyCut12 with its 40 patents and NanoBlade technology is a world first from Bosch Home and Garden. This nifty tool is the must-have this summer if you’re always on the lookout for the latest innovative gadgets.

The cordless mini saw is a tool for both inside and outside the home and weighing only 900 grams, it’s able to make clean precise cuts with minimal vibration and is ideal for pruning bushes and cutting small branches.

Stress-free mowing with the UniversalRotak 550 (RRP £229.99) and the AdvancedRotak 650 (RRP £269.99)

The 2018 Rotak series from Bosch Home and Garden features a new design: All the lawnmowers have textured high-quality surfaces, are dark green and have grille elements with sealed foils, which are also used, for example, on designer fittings for premium vehicles.

Both feature a new foldable grass box, which can be fitted in a matter of seconds, and an extremely easy-to-use cutting-height adjustment mechanism making lighter work of mowing the lawn, a job often dreaded.

The UniversalRotak’s tried and tested Ergoflex system provides comfortable and effortless use: The multi-position handle features ergonomically shaped grip zones with softgrip surfaces. It fits perfectly in the hand and offers great flexibility. Be it one-handed or two, left-handed or right, horizontally or vertically – the lawnmower can be controlled from several different positions.

With its new Ergoslide system, the AdvancedRotak offers the same benefits plus a telescopic handle, the height of which is exceptionally easy to adjust, and which is foldable. That means that the lawnmower is even easier to store. An additional feature of the AdvancedRotak is its rubber wheels which are kinder on the grass anf help preserve the lawn.

UniversalHedgePole 18 RRP £189.99

The UniversalHedgePole 18, is perfect for trimming young shoots and small to medium branches on tall hedges such as conifers, privets, beeches or yew trees without the need for grabbing a ladder.

The UniversalHedgePole has a 43-centimetre blade, allows for impressive reach as it can be adjusted to 2.6m in length and its head can be pivoted around 135 degrees, offering even more flexibility.

The tool also features the unique to Bosch anti-blocking system which guarantees a continuous cutting performance even for thicker branches: If the tool fails to cut through a branch at the first attempt, it will try three times to continue cutting through. If it fails again, the anti-blocking system will go into reverse, open up the teeth and allow the user to remove the tool from the branch.

UniversalChainPole 18 RRP £184.99

With similar functionality to the UniversalHedgePole 18, the UniversalChainPole 18 is also perfect for hard to reach gardening and helps cut much thicker branches of up to 150 millimetres in diameter.

If you purchase the UniversalChainPole, there will be no need to call for expert help in the garden this summer. With its 120 degree pivoting head and extendable reach of up to 2.6m in length as well as its ergonomic softgrip handle, this tool enables more difficult gardening tasks to be completed with comfort and convenience.

The tool also features the unique to Bosch anti-blocking system.


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