Gardening gloves with a difference from Creative Products

It was just a couple a years ago that I witnessed the horrific damage that a cete of badgers can do to a lawn overnight. It was like they had come with machinery to turn over the turf in pursuit of their favourite crane fly larvae. Although disheartening, it was an awesome display of the power of their claws. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of Creative Products, you can have the power of the badger claw in the garden.

These ingenious hand protectors are just like any good quality general purpose gardening gloves, except that one of the gloves has hard digging claw tips. Once you have them on in the garden it’s amazing how often you need to dig in to the ground. Whether it’s rooting up stubborn tap root weeds or making a seed furrow, the extra digging power of the badger paw means that you don’t have to keep reaching for hand tools.

What I didn’t expect was that I preferred working the soil with my fingers to using hand tools. The badger paw just gave that extra protection to the fingertips when tilling soil or hand raking out prickly shrub cuttings from between the plants. What’s best is that you can use the gloves as a conventional pair but have the extra power there, literally at your fingertips, when you need it.

For a recommended retail price of just £4.99

Buy Creative Products Badger Paw here


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