A R Industries’ Simon Ambrose gives his view of the year ahead

A R Industries

Sitting here watching the icy winter rain wetting the world around me, making it hard to believe Spring season is just around the corner. But I assure you it is!
The Snowdrops are above ground bringing cheer, and the other spring time bulbs are starting to raise their weary leaves. With the daylight hours becoming longer, the sap will soon be coursing it way through your trees and shrubs. Winter work in the garden should be near to completion, from that hardscaping, winter pruning of trees,Shrubs,roses,climbers. Bio security work, ie cleaning up old fallen leaves and other garden detritus by burning off or composting if available use your local council brown bin scheme or deep burial away from water courses, run offs, streams and rivers. When the weather is inclement or winter jobs complete and you are sitting in your shed/kitchen etc preparing, ordering seeds and plants for the new season ahead. Please buy plants grown locally and not from abroad as this action has a positive in stopping or slowing down the spread of diseases and pathogens, which are severely effecting the indigenous species especially broadleaf trees. Winter 2018 is looking like it is heading down the same route as the last 5 years, to start a small cold snap followed by a few weeks of unusually warm weather which generally last until the mid end of January. Followed by a few weeks of one week warm and next week at close to freezing point with night frosts and small snow flurries. This has made it a bit of a steep learning curve in the gardening world, this is why we now only have a very small window to do many of the winter tasks followed by weeks of a little weeding mainly `Hoary Bitter Cress’ and uncertainty! Now the sun is starting to appear to warm our blues away, it is time I got off this keyboard and made haste before the weather become inclement again.
Hope the new season ahead brings you all the joys what your garden can become!

Simon Ambrose.


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