Thorndown is a new and modern specialist paint manufacturer that creates technically excellent, water-based paints. The first two products to launch are an exceptional and versatile wood paint, and a unique, revolutionary new peelable glass paint, both with virtually no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
These ecologically advanced paints are inspired by the beautiful countryside and heritage of the West Country where the Thorndown seed was planted, and now grows and thrives. The husband and wife team blend together passions for art, design, science and the natural world.

A love of colour and the beauty of flora and fauna has led to a palette that compliments and enhances all areas of the home and garden. The delicate coating and natural looking soft sheen brightens wood and allows the grain to shine through. Drab and dreary corners of rooms can be instantly cheered and turned into design features with a coat or two, or simple stencilling can create a totally different feel to a piece of furniture. Trellises, fences and sheds are converted into colourful integral elements of a garden design, bringing light and life all year round. As we say in the west country, gert lush!
Thorndown was founded on the principles of creating the best possible products with leading ingredients that respect and work with our precious natural environment. Colour, design and fun are fundamental elements at the core of Thorndown and drive inspiration and product development.
An exploratory nature combined with the practical experience and scientific knowledge of years spent manufacturing paints has created the Thorndown range. Time has been taken to source and select the best raw materials leading to cutting edge paint products.
For greater convenience our tins have been designed with a wider top for easy painting, and more air space above the paint level for easy mixing.


Over 30 years’ experience in creating external timber treatments has culminated in the creation of Thorndown’s Wood Paint, fusing together the best raw materials available into a high quality, high-performing exterior and interior wood paint. Thorndown’s Wood Paint leaves a hard-wearing, water-repellent coating that out-performs anything currently on the market.
Minimal prep is required with only 1 to 2 coats providing a water-repellent protective coating that looks great and lasts. A detailed eye on colour and finish has crafted a simple range in an attractive and versatile palette that can be easily mixed and creatively adapted, or used straight from the tin in all parts of the home and garden.
A core colour chart of 48 heritage tones, wood tones and primary colours essential for colour-mixing is complimented with colour-mixing technology that can create over 1800 RAL colours from the RAL Classic and RAL Design colour systems.
Possibilities are endless and the simple high-quality nature of this wood paint makes it fun to use, without the need for complex processes and multiple coats of different products. For a woodstain effect add water or Clear Wood Paint up to a level of 50%, and really let that grain show itself off.
Wood Paint –
• Eco – water based, virtually no VOC, suitable for use around animals, birds, children, plants
and once dry won’t cause any harm to insects or aquatic life
• Micro-porous, long lasting, UV protection
• Strong resistance to UV degradation – lasts up to 10 years
• Frost resistant
• Very strong bond with timber or previous coating
• Coats metal and plastic
• Use indoor or outdoor
• One wood paint product for any timber application; interior, exterior, softwood & hardwood
• Can be sprayed or applied by roller or paint brush
• They are supplied in 2.5 litre at RRP £40.00, 750ml RRP £18.00 and 150ml sample/small
project tins at RRP of £5.00 all including VAT
• Great core colour range – 48 wood tones, heritage and modern colours + 1800 RAL
• Colours can easily be mixed by the consumer if they want to change the shade themselves
• The paint can be mixed with a clear paint to make a more transparent coating
• The paint can be mixed with water to achieve a thinner coating or a wood stain effect

Thorndown’s revolutionary water-based Glass Paint is made from a resin using 100% recycled plastics.
It is non-toxic, VOC and halogen free with a low carbon foot print.
Originally designed for greenhouse glass shading, it is also a fantastic paint for home decoration, arts and crafts, and commercial use. Shop windows can be easily transformed with either a simple message or designed display by an artist. Commercial nursery growers can also quickly apply the glass paint to glass panes providing shade for thousands of plants in nursery glass houses.
Thorndown’s Glass Paint can be applied to any shiny surface including metal, mirrors, uPVC, Perspex and acrylic. Paint it onto conservatory windows for shading in the summer and peel off when the heat of the sun starts to fade, or when you’re bored of the colour and want to change it to one of the other hundreds of colours and shades available.
Painted on windows and shower screens it can provide privacy or be purely decorative. Seasonal decorations are easy and fun enabling you to quickly transform a room into a Halloween or Christmas scene, or just paint a message on a window to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary.
If you paint it onto a shiny surface and allow it to dry, it can be carefully peeled off then stuck onto a painted wall without leaving any stains or marks. It can also be poured into a mould to create solid shapes, also allowing other colours to be mixed in the mould or shallow tray to create some truly stunning results.
This versatile glass paint is great for shading, interior design or seasonal fun that you simply peel offto remove!
Glass Paint –
• Eco–credentials – 100% already recycled resin, small carbon footprint, halogen free
• Peelable
• Colour ranges: shading colours, art & craft + kids colours, 1800 RAL colours
• Child-safe, non-toxic, non-staining on shiny surfaces, easily removed and being water-based is
easily cleaned up
• 150ml and 750ml pack sizes at RRP of £6.50 and £26.00 respectively including VAT
• Craft packs will be added to the range in 2018 in time for the Halloween and Christmas markets
• A range of stencils and applicators will also compliment the craft packs
• Can be either translucent or opaque
• Translucent glass paint allows coloured light to pass through illuminating any painting inside and out depending on light, day or night. It can also offer a level of diffused shading without blocking out all the light. Creates a great stained glass effect
• The solid paint opaque peelable glass paint will block light from passing through the coating

Thorndown was created by husband and wife team Ben and Caroline Thornborough, bringing together science with design and 30 years’ experience in creating external timber treatments.
Based outside the iconic town of Glastonbury, Somerset the factory lies in the shadow of
Glastonbury Tor and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and inspirational countryside the UK has to offer. Nearby history abounds in Glastonbury Tor & Abbey and with England’s smallest city, Wells down the road with the breath-taking Wells Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. A rich and abundant artistic community is found within the county of
Somerset and particularly in the surrounding towns of Glastonbury, Wells and Frome.
Thorndown was founded on the principles of creating the best possible products with leading materials that respect and work with our precious natural environment. Colour, design and fun are core elements that drive Thorndown’s inspiration. They aim to inspire and empower people to be creative, injecting their passion and drive into all projects and helping others do the same.
Top worldwide branding experts Brown&co whose founders have worked with Cuprinol,
Polycel, Sure and Peroni among many others, have developed Thorndown’s branding and
packaging to be world class and potentially award winning.
For more information contact:
Thorndown Ltd, Unit 1b Wells Road Trading Estate, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9AG UK

W: Thorndown.co.uk ∞ T: 0800 023 5654 ∞ E: studio@thorndown.co.uk

Thorndown Wood Paint Brochure




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