Bloom & Wild surveyed 2,500 people and found 42 per cent of people buy flowers to tell someone they love them, yet only 7 per cent of people consider the true meaning of flowers they’re sending

Red is the most popular colour for flowers
Men are more than twice as likely to buy flowers as an apology
Women over 2x more likely to choose based on the scent
Men over 2x more likely than women to buy for secret lover

People have long used floriography, the language of flowers, as a secret way to send messages to friends, family and lovers. However research conducted by Bloom & Wild shows that we no longer understand the meaning of the flowers we’re sending.

Of the 2,500 British people surveyed, just 17 per cent correctly identified that peonies represent compassion. 42 per cent thought they represented purity and beauty, 20 per cent thought gratitude, 11 per cent thought secret love and 10 per cent thought peonies represent fidelity.

Is it time to re-introduce the art of floriography to send more meaningful bouquets?

To celebrate the expressive new additions to their Luxury Collection, Bloom & Wild has explored the meaning and symbolism of flowers and how modern floriography can be used today to send innovative, unique and creative messages to loved ones. To help keep the language of flowers alive, the findings have been packaged in an illustrative and informative infographic which describes the key meaning of flowers to guide people to send the perfect message.

The infographic shares the vast meanings of several flowers – from colour, variety and meanings based on scent, use, and mythological stories. The piece goes on to share how a bouquet of just the right blooms can send a provocative and meaningful message – and even the way it is hand-delivered has meaning.

Bloom & Wild demonstrates how we can continue to use the language of flowers to communicate with the ones we love.

Survey Data
2,500 respondents via survey provider
27% said Red was their favourite coloured flowers
Men are 2x more likely to choose based on the meaning of the flower
Men over 2x more likely than women to buy for secret lover
Women 2x more likely to buy for family and friends
25-34 year olds care most about the designer/collection


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